This selection of Richard Sorrell's paintings is divided into sections of pictures of similar subject matter for ease of viewing. Please click on a thumbnail image to see a large image with title details. All pictures are for sale. Please contact Richard Sorrell with inquiries. (See Contact section above)



Single figures in interiors

A Letter from the Solicitors, oil, 61x46cm

A Sad Story, mixed media, 64x45cm

Waiter, oil, 66x51cm

Wrong Footed, oil, 220x110cm

Clearing out the Long Gallery, acrylic, 26x17cm

Single figures in landscape

Man Looking at a Tree, oil, 70x60cm

A Man's Drink, acrylic, 38x28cm

The End of the Lane, oil, 46x61cm

A River running into the Sea, oil, 61x46cm

A Girl in the Sea, oil, 62x52cm

Burning Boxes, acrylic/oil, 90x70cm

Two figures in interiors

First Meeting, oil, 30x28cm

A Restaurant by the Sea, oil, 50x40cm

Close, watercolour, 52x32cm

Chocolate Truffles, acrylic, 120x76cm

A Well Brought up Young Lady, acrylic, 72x52cm

Make up, oil, 29x61cm

Lounger, acrylic, 33x29cm

Two People Preparing for a Wedding, watercolour, 49x32cm

Two figures in landscape

Ice cream, oil, 78x62cm

Binoculars, oil, 61x49cm

Moonlight, oil, 61x45cm

The Path Leading to the House, acrylic, 19x23cm

Down the Steps, oil, 153x120cm

Out in Nature, acrylic, 20x26cm

Umbrellas, oil, 30x26cm

The Ancient Days, oil, 110x150cm

Rain, oil, 80x50cm

Metal Detector, acrylic, 25x49cm

Nature Reserve, 0il, 40x30cm

A Man and His Mother, oil, 38x48cm

Groups of figures in interiors

Three People in front of a Window, oil, 85x120cm

A Meeting, watercolour, 36x53cm

A Dance on an Afghan Carpet, acrylic, 122x80cm

Stairway, acrylic, 18x24cm

Groups of figures in landscape

Tea Garden, oil, 43x37cm

A Crowd of People, acrylic, 25x35cm

Alfresco, oil, 120x207cm

The Start of the Evening, acrylic, 27x32cm

Looking Ahead, acrylic, 62x47cm

Large Mammal Survey, acrylic, 25x49cm

Three Girls Texting, oil, 61x46cm

Three Girls by a Window, oil, 61x46cm

Landscapes and seascapes, figures incidental

Removals Lorry, acrylic, 19x60cm

A Country Road, acrylic, 16x28cm

A White Horse, acrylic, 29x25cm 

Two Figures in a Wood, acrylic, 36x35cm

The Sea, oil, 225x120cm

Birds Rising over a Lake, acrylic, 22x25cm

Picnic, oil, 46x61cm

Seagulls over a Field, oil, 16x20cm

Shore Pines, oil, 46x61cm

Through the Trees, acrylic, 46x61cm

Four Trees, acrylic, 30x39cm

Still life

Flowers in a Green Vase, watercolour, 35x26cm